Monday, March 6, 2017

Social Media

I deleted most of mine last night. No more Facebook. No more Instagram. A decade worth of pictures and intimacies are no longer available in those forums. But I have places on the internet where my memories still exist and can be located by those that want to find them.

It's just time to change direction, even if slightly, from the way I see the world around me going. I've had my fill, and I am not judging, but it's simply not for me any more.

And I think I'll get back to composing more thoughtful postings here, and who knows where else.

Good luck,'s an interesting world we live in today.

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Lori Ashley said...

Hi Brian - I am trying to find the owner of a property for rent at 132 State St in Reno. I saw the ad on Craig's List, but there was no contact info. I did some research and found that the property is owned by Guinness Trio NV. I did more research and found you listed as the manager of that company. Anyway, are you the person renting out this property? Sorry to bother you on your blog, but it's the only way I could find to contact you. My email is If you can let me know if I have the right person that would be great. Thanks-Lori