Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I'm horrible with the posting...

...I know. But I have about a hundred of them ready to go...just sitting up here in the ol' noggin, nagging to get put out there. If anyone actually reads this blog, then I'm truly sorry about it. The best thing to do it to click on the flickr sidebar over there and check out my photo feed or find me on Facebook or Instagram. I'm easy to locate.

 But I have put the last whirlwind of a year in the books, and I'm on to the 15. And the last year of my life was full of the most growth I think I have ever experienced as a human, so I'm proud of that. It also ended and this new year began with something special and full of promise. A new relationship that has set itself apart from anything I've been involved in ever before. It's been the easiest thing that's ever happened, and I really believe that it will last. There is a unique feeling that can only be described as reciprocity. Unique to me, anyway. I've been waiting a long time for it.

 The kids are growing so fast, and there is simply no slowing down to update in my diary here about each little detail, but I'll keep on pledging to make little efforts here and there.

 I have seen, run into, hung out with, or thought about a lot of old friends in this last couple of's been strange the way so many of you have wandered into my life so casually. I feel that it has been a gift, that my head is for some reason held higher than normal, and that my perspective has been towards the horizon again...chin is up and feet move forward.

 I love this life, as always. I'm trying to do the best I can with mine.

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