Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Aren't we all?

I decided today to pick a topic so that I can, at the very least, put a few words down and make something of the vacant, almost pointless space that this blog has recently become. Choosing what to talk about has effectively become the latest obstacle in my effort to update my spot here with any content, and every time I subconsciously craft a post in my head, the exercise of bringing it to fruition on the blog has turned into one of frustration, as every story has intersecting tales with other ones...every theme too complex to get into...every effort I want to brag about or failure I could complain about seems too complex, too detailed, too much to condense into something that won't just get passed over. I have actually created a lot of drafts over the last few months. They get started but remain unpublished. They irritate my sensibilities when I see them in my dashboard and I end up deleting them, like I'm cleaning my house or something. And I don't do anything.

And that right there is a theme. That right there is worth focusing on. At least for me.

You see, at this point in my life, I have so much juggling going on that I find myself with more loose ends than I ever could have imagined. My stacks block out the sun. The weight pushes me into submission. And the sum of the parts has overcome the whole that is me, leaving me grasping for a rope, gasping for air, and mostly just trying to survive.

I don't think I'm alone in this fight.

I think that I am surrounded by so many people...good people, hard working, family oriented, loving people who are very much overwhelmed with the speed of today, with the seriousness of the lives we lead, and with the weight of the responsibility we have to be invincible.

But that's what we are. We are invincible.

We are not to be defeated, and we will never be crushed. Invincibility, you see, is really what we all seek and what we also all achieve. Not even death can destroy us, for it is the soul that finds it's home in this worldly body that houses it, and it is the spirit that seeks, and strives, and never yields to the pressures that surround us every day.

Our hearts fight to love fearlessly and to not be defeated by the inevitable breaks that occur in a normal lifetime. Our minds grapple with the idea that some thing, some person, some task, some obstacle, some ailment or some thought can dominate us into cowardly, tailed-tucked beings, but at the end of the day I see you and you see me, and here we are being invincible together.

Invincibility is the theme today, and this isn't a new years resolution, or a promise, or a goal, or even a dream. Invincibility Is. We are invincible and it's simply important to recognize that life goes on and we are never, ever truly defeated.

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