Monday, August 18, 2014

The Wonder

The kids and I were talking about singing tonight. Ireland, apparently, is going to be in the school choir. I was trying to explain the difference of singing from the head and singing from the diaphragm and what a huge impact someone's real voice can have.

To further articulate my point I went to the speakers and called on my old friend, Stevie. I played "Ngiculela - ...I am singing", in which the climax of the song has some of the best vocal work I've ever heard. Pure energy and love. And I danced around with my baby girl singing it to her because the words are also so pure and good. 

As I set her down, Sis's eyes filled up with tears, and I asked "what's wrong!?"

She looked up at me from above the rims of her glasses and said, "I'm just so sad that he is blind" (meaning Stevie Wonder, of course). I smiled and said, "I know, beautiful, but perhaps that is one of the reasons that he is so in tune with everythig else, and can sing such a beautiful song so well."

I love this girl so much is hurts. 

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