Thursday, July 17, 2014

The quiet in between times...

Life is moving very fast. Work has been the usual overwhelmingness and the kids are amazing and keeping me on my toes. Football is in full swing again, and I anticipate 4-5 nights of my week being dedicated to just that. I've been trying to take some of the in between times of my life and include lots of people in bbq's in my almost-remodeled house...swimming after a long day of work...but generally just hanging out. And I'm pretty sure that with the pace of life and everything coming up with kids and work, etc, even those times are not long for this world. I'm OK with it, just a little bit lonely, having adjusted to a more singular existence as of the last few months. But it's something I have needed, and it's helping me gain some composure and awareness of what is right in the world, and how things fit into my life that are supposed to be there. Unfortunately, there simply isn't a lot of room for much and rather than stuff the little spaces with things that aren't really going to fit, I have more often been trying to enjoy the vacancy and the silence, and learn to enjoy it rather than fill it back up with an imbalance of work or whatever I cram in there. Some day, I hope, something or someone will actually fit in. I have my doubts, but remain optimistic.

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