Friday, February 7, 2014


Last night the kids took off on a plane with their grandmother, headed to Southern California. Their cousin, Cori, is playing softball in Irvine at Concordia, and they got to go down and visit her, as well as her sister who is also living in the sunshine state. Together with their aunt, all of them are going to spend some fun times together, capped off with a trip to the Magic Kingdom!

Since our last trip to Disneyland almost 3 years ago, the kids have been socking away their dough for the next time we could head down. They have kept a Mickey Mouse shaped piggy bank in Sean's room, and they have done chores, saved birthday money, and been diligent about putting away as much as they could. And this whole time, for every dollar they put in, I matched it and doubled the investment so that it would add up to something.

So when the offer to go was presented, and I knew I couldn't be a part of this journey with them, I was a little sad, but also so thrilled for them that they finally got to go again. And I asked them if they thought they should use their savings for this trip, since it is in fact exactly what they were saving up for. They said absolutely, and so we pulled the jar out to the living room and emptied it out. As Sean and Ireland separated out all the money and stacked it up, they came to the conclusion that there was $171 in bills, and a buck or so in loose coin. Not bad...I was actually impressed.

So I said, "When you get to Disneyland, you give this money to your grandmother and tell her that you are buying your own passes." They understood.

Dropping them off at school yesterday, and saying goodbye knowing they would be leaving early from school to the airport, and I wouldn't see them until next week, I was kissing and loving on them a little extra, when Sean said,

"Oh, yeah, DAD!?"


"So yesterday I went online to the Disney website, and gave my mom the money and had her buy both of the tickets and guess how much they cost?"

"How much?"


He was absolutely thrilled. No joke, they had saved up the exact amount, to the DOLLAR, of the cost of their passes, and if that isn't some kind of grand design, then I don't know what is. Perfect marker for me to realize that I am on track with some little aspect of my life. And I am so proud of those kids...they are seriously so awesome, and they get to have this awesome trip, and know that they actually worked hard to save up and make it happen too!! A great lesson in responsibility, I think, and they truly appreciate everything they have.

I am blessed.

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