Tuesday, January 21, 2014


So tonight we busted out the game "Apples to Apples". The object of this game is to pick a word out of the 5 in your hand that most closely matches with the subject word in the middle of the table, as revealed by the rotating judge, who then decides which chosen word was best. I'm assuming most people know this game, although tonight was my first time playing, having just got the game for Christmas, and having had just enough time after Sean's basketball game and doing homework tonight.

So we played, and I found myself tied with Sean, each of us one good hand away from the win.

And Ireland pulled the word "Untame". So I chose my card "Pimples" thinking it was pretty obvious as to why they are untame/unruly/wild (the synonyms that are suggested on each of the cards are there to guide). Sean had dropped the word "crayons" in the mix. I didn't get it.

Part of the game involves the "table talk", in which you make a case for your word, and why it should be chosen. Well, I thought mine was pretty obvious, and didn't feel the need to convince Ireland, the judge for that round, that there was even a contest here.

Then Sean just sat back and made his case...a slow, '60's stoner voice ala the bus driver on the Simpsons, or Roger my elementary school bus driver, for that matter...just picture THAT guy, and somehow Sean channeled that voice when he said "I don't know man, it's just like crayons...they're always going outside the lines."


Sean for the win.

Such funny kids.

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