Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Today has had it's challenges, and I can tell that this is not going to be the most monumental week in my existence, so I'm going to tell a brief little anecdote about joy.

Last night, coaching the first game for my Boys and Girls Club 3rd and 4th grade basketball team, "The Superstars" (a name we came up with after the game, having only been given "team 9" by the league), I had some pretty awesome moments watching the kids I was pretty sure weren't going to put more than 4 points on the board hang with the opposing team. In fact, it turns out, we were very equally matched up, and I was proud to have had some semblance of an offense and some defensive fundamentals in place. There were some real standouts on the court, and I felt a great rush of competition, and pride.

And on the note of that competitive edge that I have and which I have kept in check in the whole of my coaching career to date: the itch and the intensity in my voice was probably apparent to everyone around when, at the end of the game, we were down by 2 points, and got the ball back with only seconds left. Sean was on the court, and as the ball made it down, he was right under the basket when he took a pass from a teammate.

-He had been killing it all night, running the point guard position, and to my sincere amazement, switching directions at the top of the key with behind the back ball handling which I had no idea he was even capable of. -

So there he was, ball in hand, under the basket with the seconds ticking off the clock and the game on the line. And he threw up what was probably the worst layup I have ever seen him was so strong it went to the top of the backboard, which then becomes out of bounds and a turnover. I couldn't' believe that this kid who I consider to be the most clutch under pressure (he wears the t-shirt, and has earned that moniker) player I've had on any of my teams, would BOOF a shot like that so badly. And I almost got upset, until right at that second I looked at his face.

Sean had the biggest fucking smile on his face, and was laughing at what a ridiculous shot he had taken, and jogged back down the court as the buzzer sounded and the game ended, laughing at himself, and enjoying the moment with his teammates.

That's when it clicked.

This is what it's all about.

That kid just, ONCE AGAIN, taught me something.

Thanks, Bubba. I love you more than words could ever say. Thanks for showing me that it's about having fun, and enjoying the ride, and it's all just a game. Because it is. And I'm so proud of you and the fun that you have playing sports, and the joy that you bring to me and everyone else who gets to watch you do your thing.

Don't ever stop doing your thing. You got a special kind of thing going on.

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storylady said...

I haven't been here in a long time. I love this peace. I must come back more often.