Friday, September 13, 2013

Dear Mom ...the revision

R1:'s funny, I only took out 3 words and one additional sentence, and now it reads the way which I intended. It's funny that it took me so long to digest and process that the whole point of this piece was originally to communicate the nature of my heart to one person and one person only, and it's good that I have learned that I will not dishonor the past to acknowledge the truth about now. Indeed, it's just the opposite.

Mom, I meant this really for you, and like any writer, I probably still haven't finished this property, so enjoy this revision if you would. xo


As I grow older, wiser and more thankful for the many gifts that surround me every day, I can't help but appreciate what you have done for me and for our whole family for the last 38 years. The amazing piece  of work that you have crafted over this period of time demonstrates without apology your true mastery in the Art of Parenthood. You have raised some very amazing children and as a result have been immortalized in time through their smart, talented, kind, soulful, heart full  and beautiful children. Your gifts of love and persistence grow deeper every day.

I can not count the times through my own childhood and even adulthood when you have been there, unconditionally and without question for whatever I needed. I am only here today having had such a charmed existence because you were always there to catch me when I fell down and pick me back up and shove me forward again. You have been my life since day one and never took a moment off duty for any of us, your children. I can never ever thank you enough for showing me what true love really is. 

All I can do is pray and work and strive to be the man that has both the ability and generosity that you have had always, so that maybe someday I can do my part to repay you in your own time of need.

Mom, I truly want nothing more than to have been as good of a parent to my kids as you were to me, and as amazing of a child as I have been so absolutely FORTUNATE to witness you be to your own parents. You are truly an amazing woman, whose most triumphant success is here and now and growing with love every single day because you were so good at - so meant to do- what you have done as a real parent and the most important fiber in the fabric of the society I wish to improve. 

I love you. 

Thank you.