Thursday, November 21, 2013

I guess I'm the "un"

Unfriended. Unfollowed. Under-appreciated, I have to say.

But that's OK…I have an idea of how unbelieveably hard this must be for you.

And at the end of it all…like I told the kids last night…I am so undeniably PROUD of you for doing what you need to do. Happiness is found from within…and we all need to find it there first.


By the way, they are good, and they miss you tremendously. Duh.

Now if you could just un-tangle the understandably confusing amount of ideas in your head about who you are and who I am and who we can be, then perhaps you will allow me the opportunity to show you what I can be like as your friend and former…

Or don't. Maybe you want to believe I'm the bad guy. My mustache certainly supports that notion, but I never tried to tie you to the train tracks.

I hope you are truly finding peace and happiness.

This has been a message to the universe, traveling through light and electricity, destined for no-where in particular, and just as likely to crash into you as I was several times already in this life.

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