Thursday, March 28, 2013

TBT has begun...

...I'm enjoying these lately. Good memories make for good sails.

From within, from without

If you want to change the view, you have to put your nose down and start hiking up. As the air thins, and the light introduces sky to the horizon, lowering and engulfing the land below, and the dark creases of the valley from which you climbed sink away like a wrinkle of the past, it’s ok to look up and see the path ahead of you, still long and winding, switching back with more intensity as the slope of the peak climbs more steeply closer to the top…but it’s there. It’s just a few short pushes away. It’s inside of you, your destiny, stirring the emotions and physical manifestations of joy and pain, fear and courage and strength in the face of adversity manifest in this moment, and you are exactly where you are supposed to be. My path is still, quiet and dark and I feel deep in a valley. This longest push of my life is teaching me so much and so much have I yet to learn. A benefit of having my head down for so long is the opportunity for introspection, the late night soft Kubrikian light tempting my attention oft away for a break from the dull familiar weight of a work that’s much more than such cynicism allows…this work, this task, this duty, this beautiful life and those that surround me on my journey…be they angels just close enough to illuminate my night’s path, or the cherubs and their laughter popping in and out for so long as to fill my heart up with just enough of love’s sweet truth to push me on further, and higher and harder, more dedicated and determined than ever I’ve known I could be. It’s the strength that’s the lesson and the gift, and when that horizon I know starts to shed God’s gracious light on my face, sweet Dawn how I’ll never forget what you taught me by your absence. My heart has grown stronger. My mountain is a massive one. My journey is one heavy with the charge of bringing with me those rare, special few that shall share and reveal they are the reasons I’ll ever even get to enjoy such a view...I can see it now. It's inside me. It's our destiny. May the road take me high enough to share moments again with the souls that have been there before me. May I have the courage to listen to the wind. May God be with us all.