Sunday, October 28, 2012

Best. Date. Ever.

I am actually still at a loss for words about how lucky I am, what a great night I have, and what pure beauty I am surrounded by on a daily basis.

Simply grateful.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hey Kids

Sean and Ireland- I don't know if this post, blog, or even the Internet will still exist by the time you are of age to read it, or if you will even care to or make efforts to find this. All I know is that tonight, as I sit at my counter working away to be better prepared for the day ahead, I am thinking of you both. You were sitting right here just this morning, eating what I could get you to eat, and snapping into action as I demanded showers, chores, and attention during our morning ritual of getting ready for school. The music of our lives filled the air in this house, and we did a pretty good job of maintaining our joy and focus on making it all work. You aren't here tonight, as it is not my turn to host your beautiful faces and joyful laughter, and this quiet house is now more of a place in waiting...eagerly anticipating your next return, beckoning me away from the monotonous volumes of work yet to be done with a memory and a smile as I dream of the next time you both will be here again, distracting me from this typical excuse for an existence with the richer, happier, more complete version of myself that I am when I am with you both. You two are my absolute joy, and I couldn't imagine a world in which we couldn't be together. I guess that is the best part about this time; I know that we have a long life and many journeys ahead of us. I anticipate so much that has yet to unfold, and the teasers I get every day reveal themselves in your kindness, temperaments, struggles, questions, unconditional love, empathy for others, emotional and intellectual growth, amazing and creative humor, and ultimately your desire to be nothing but your pure, true, amazingly beautiful souls. So while I'm thinking about it, and hopefully at an opportune time when you might actually need it someday, I hope you read this: Sean and Ireland, you two are the absolute most perfect children and human beings I could have ever imagined. Thank you so much for being a part of my life. If I die tomorrow I can sincerely say that this life has been worth living because I got to meet you. With EVERY single molecule in my body, I love you both. -Dad