Friday, August 24, 2012


What makes an icon? There are books on the subject, singing praises to the faces and personalities that we all know at first glance. The common elements of the icon include many variables, but those we have no words to express are the ones that seem to be the strongest...the icon just is.

Sometimes we don't know what has elevated someone to the status, or why just the image of them ignites an idea, an ideal, or simply just a story, but it does. And the versions we all share blend together in the van diagram that is our single consciousness.

If I had to guess, these two Icons for which I have some strange affection and admiration, didn't always walk the perfect line. Time, biography and curiosity have enlightened me to the fact that some of the missteps they have made, or more appropriately the paths they have chosen have been strangely similar to my own. But what do I really know, and why would I really care anyway? I don't want to be a successful movie star. I don't care to be famous. I don't even want to be an icon.

But I have found that in my constant search for differentiation from the herd and desire to rise above and create change among the mundane complacency and apathy of the majority of my brothers and sisters in this world, I must accept that my goals are in fact those of the Iconclast, and at this point in my life that's OK with me. I am fine with being someone to look up to...after all, I am a father. I enjoy having earned whatever amount of respect my peers may have for me...I know that I have at times done plenty to earn the opposite. The recognition and awareness of whatever place this is that I am in allows me a dose of reality that supports the courage anyone in the world needs, the affirmation of my choices or my circumstantial grace. And if I desire to accept the responsibilities before me, I have to be open to the social conditions - and the absolute necessity of independent thought and action; the resistance of temptation to belittle my own imagined or environmentally accepted projection - and the responsibility to lead by example, and be the man that only I want to be.

So I have some iconic pictures around me every day. They represent various personalities and ideals, from the purity, strength, honesty and beauty of my children, to the patronly, generous, lionhearted leadership of my father. And every once in a while, I pepper my surroundings with cool shit like these two motherfuckers...irreverent, brave, effectual, and as par for the course for most iconic types...stylish as hell.

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