Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hot sauce?

I was just going to break off while I eat my lunch and post a quick update about how awesome my kids are, but you already know all that, and since it might be getting a little bit old, I'll tell you instead about what just happened outside my office.

This old timer (see pics, sorry for the distortion, but I was shooting through my window and screen) just shuffled up to the side of my building with a mini jack daniels bottle in hand, looking like it was filled with hot sauce. He walked right up to my window, then reached down and grabbed a small flower off of the bush next to my office and put it in the bottle. He then walked back to the middle of the lot where he had left his fedex envelope and plastic cup, and then grabbed something tiny off of the ground and put it in his mouth. After that he nicely folded the sealed fedex envelope (I'm now realizing and hoping did not belong to one of my tenants) and stuffed it along side what must be a sweaty old ass crack, grabbed his cup, put the sauce in his pocket, and shuffled away before I could remember what exactly it was I had to say about my kids. Doesn't matter, I guess. This guy here just about sums it all up.

1 comment:

mohap247 said...

Oh how I miss the years I worked i that building...
Ps- love your kids!