Saturday, April 14, 2012

Put your nose down

I've been absent form this blog for a tick, the occasional picture filling in a fairly large chunk of time by my standards...devoid of content about the day to day or whatever else floats my boat to post about. I've been busy, and there isn't a lot of light at the end of the tunnel for the time being, and that's OK with me. I've got a lot of focus on my work and my kids, and doing the best I can on both fronts. When my entire weekly social interaction is limited to the 5 minutes I talk about something other than the work with a client I just met with, I know that squeezing in 20 minutes to do the Doogie Howser thing isn't a top priority, so I'm sure you understand and forgive me. There's always FB, Tumblr, Instacrack and the like to catch a picture or tweet about the things I'm doing...those take me 30 seconds at a time, and time management is what it's all about right now.

I managed my time as wisely as possible all of this last week when I lost a day to hucking bad pho at my toilet and laying completely motionless in bed, catching up the remainder of the week with the help of insomnia and home wifi. Life is OK, and I'm almost keeping up.

I just keep telling myself that this is what it is and it won't last forever.

And as you can see from the pics below, there's a lot of good shit on the calendar despite the rest. My baseball team, the Dodgers Diammondbacks just posted a W last week behind the solid combo of batting, fielding, and pure love for the game that makes my heart smile warm and wide. Ireland left my house this afternoon with a long, strong hug and smashface that showed me our time together was as much enjoyed by her and her brother as it was by me, and for that I am the luckiest guy I know.

I had some inspiration for additional content to insert here, but I just got a text from the bar, and that damned internetz is out again, so I'm actually cutting it short right here, and will try to get back to something Pulitzer worthy at another time.

Latres on the menjay.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

When in doubt...

...whip the pictures out.

Things are good. I'm proud.

I'm grateful for what I have, and trying always to make it better...just like you.