Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Count 'em up

This shit is hard. We all know it. And as I've said before, when I find myself down deep dark and dreading what lies around the corner, I like to count my blessings. I need this next 10 minutes right now to get my head straight, find the joy, and allow everything else around me to get back in it's place, outside of my head, outside the horizon where my happiness does not lie. My happiness is now. My happiness is right here:

  • I got to work out this morning...and lately it's been a semi-regular thing with my mom, which gives me an opportunity to spend time with her that makes us both feel good. I love this, and I want it to continue until one of us can't put feet to ground some morning.
  • I have a roof over my head at the moment, and when I wake up and see snow all over the ground, I have to believe that there are a lot of people in the world who wish they were as lucky as I was today.
  • I just had a great Valentine's day with my amazing girlfriend, and I feel true love and support from her every day. 
  • I get to see my kids in about 3 hours, and watch my daughter in dance class, which is a combination of excellent humor and prideful joy. It's amazing. I highly recommend watching this 5 year old shake her booty for a quick pick me up. 
  • My son got a perfect report card. Again. Perfect. Enough said. 
  • Little League starts soon, and the anxiety of finding the time for practice, or finishing my work before heading to the fields will be replaced by the pure joy of working with hungry little minds eager to learn the game, competitive little dudes wanting to be good at something, and trying hard, green grass, sunshine, fresh air, and the crack of the bat. It's irrefutably therapeutic.
  • I have the opportunity to try and do my best for people every single day of my life. I have the ability to help them make successful decisions. I have the chance to prosper from other people's successes. We are all due for some come-ups real soon. 
  • I only have to pay $15 for a haircut. I don't have much hair these days. The barber knocks it out in about 11 minutes, and during that time I get to hear actual war stories from actual veterans who are actually still around to talk about it without the fear of PTSD creeping into the tone. They are proud. I'm a proud grandson of 2 WWII Vets who did their part to squash the tyranny and genocidal racism of societies gone to the dark side. 
  • There is a dark side, but I don't live there. 
  • I have 2 beautiful sisters, and one kind-hearted brother, and in about 8 months, all 4 of us will know what it's like to have a little baby. 
  • The oldest of those little babies is a stud, and keeps the bar raised for the rest of them, and I get to see him do his thing every once in a while. That's cool. Jeffrey: keep up the good work. Little eyes and ears are watching you every day, and you have a lot of potential to stay just as honest and sweet as you are, and that's what really matters. And get a rebound. 
  • The chapters I have passed through in my life have included some amazing and inspirational people who compliment the beauty that is interwoven in this world. Some of those people won't be reappearing in the second half of the book, and others characters are always welcome. 
  • This life is a book to be written. 

Stay up. 
Be good. 

Life is but a dream. Don't wake up scared when it ends...wake up wanting to fall right back asleep and keep it going. I know I would right this second, and that's because I'm so lucky and grateful for everything that's happened so far. And for what's about to happen to the stacks on my desk right now...I'm about to rage on them. 


mohap247 said...

What a wonderful post!! It made me so happy to read this and remember that even thought I am far away, I am SO close in heart... its a small world after all. This life is a journey, and thanks for reminding us to remember to count our blessings.
Thanks for sharing Bri.

mohap247 said...

Sean is a STUD- I am so flippin proud of the kid...and Ireland... I WILL go to her dance class when I next visit. That girl has got some MOVES.

Erin said...

Love your ability to gain perspective. Great post.