Sunday, February 19, 2012

Case study

What's wrong with this picture?

My first observations:

  1. The singing lady was asked to stop singing. 
  2. Freedom of speech allows her to keep going.
  3. Freedom of religion makes her believe it's OK to turn prayer into noise pollution.
  4. The bald dude is arrogant and disrespectful, and on top of it, rude, impatient and too lazy to move away...too self righteous to believe he should.
  5. The tall old bird is likely a little tipsy...
  6. ...and racist...
  7. ...because she is trying to build a consensus on what she knows to be the law, instead of what is right.
  8. The law puts the guy who defends the singer into the category of "first touch", when he "assaults" the bald dickhead and then takes a few "defensive" punches. 
  9. That's the way the judge would probably see it should the rare benefit of this video appear in a civil suit against any of the dipshits in this video. 
  10. The guy with the beard is the only real hero in this video, and nobody will likely see it that way. He's the only one who truly didn't seek confrontation.
  11. I'm more like the guy who defends the singer than I am the burly bearded dude.
  12. That's probably because I can't stand bullies and seek out confrontation when I see any form of bullying
  13. I still haven't figured out if I'm wrong, or predisposed getting my licks in on those who pick on people not their "size". 
  14. This list went from "what's wrong with this picture" to more of a personal therapeutic exercise in the scope of 14 items. 

This has been a blog post. 

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