Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Eat the bear

I'm sitting with my bookkeeper, wrapping up the year end for twenty-double-ones, and killing time whilst she makes sure all of the numbers line up nicely. Happy to have her on top of it...good advice: always hire a professional, no matter what you are doing.

And since I have a few minutes and I'm thinking about the end of one year, I figured I'd post a quickie about what's to come.


All I can tell you is that shit will happen in 2012. Some of it will be great, and some of it will no doubt be difficult. I honestly have no idea what to expect, except of course, the unexpected. And I'm getting much better at dealing with just that. I have been working on the game plan for the office, for the businesses, for life in general, and with any luck my prep work will pay off in my ability to deal with whatever adversity awaits me in the coming months. I am focused on being prepared.

I have job descriptions.

I have a budget.

I have a database I am building.

I have spreadsheets.

I have spreadsheets for my spreadsheets.

I have 2 great guys working with me.

I have the air to breathe, my legs to walk on, my eyes to see, my ears to listen with (seriously, I plan on using them, ok?), and so much more that a lot of people have, so if nothing else, I am grateful for it all, and I plan on working with the tools I've been given.

And I have a feeling this is going to be one awesome year. I'm hungry for it.

Game on.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

And on another note...

...best google search to land on MY blog this year to date:


That just happened. I hope you got some piece of what you were looking for, fellow astronaut of the electronic galaxy. I am flabbergasted that such a query would land anyone at my humble blog. Almost as much as I was when "In the butt, Bob" did the same thing several years ago.

Good day.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

'Tis the season

My kids entered a coloring contest recently. It was put on by The Plumbing Doctor here in Reno, and was a stay-between-the-lines kind of deal where they color a plumbing truck. The reward was a $100 gift card to Toys R Us. Needless to say, after finishing their work a couple of weeks ago, they asked me every time they came over if they won, and I would answer, "I don't know" for the first few days, thinking to myself "I better mail those in!" Well, I did, and sure enough, I got an email last week letting me know that Sean and Ireland BOTH won the contest, and I would be getting a gift card soon.

They were pumped, to say the least.

Tonight, on the way to Toys R Us, to redeem the reward as an early Christmas treat (they could pick out their presents, but they don't get them for another 4 days...I have to regulate a LITTLE BIT), we talked about how lucky the two of them are, and how fortunate they are to have so many good things in their lives. They agreed. When I mentioned that there are kids out there that won't even get presents this Christmas because their mommies and daddies are more worried about making sure they have food to eat and a bed to sleep in, they asked more questions. They asked how this happens, and all I could do was get them to the conclusion that we all need to look out for each other; not all of us are so fortunate.

Well, they didn't take any convincing, it turns out...they decided that they would take half of their gift card and find something for themselves, and take the other half and find a couple of nice presents for a little girl and a little boy to enjoy this Christmas. Ireland found the most awesome singing Barbie doll she could, and Sean found a cool combo pack of soccer ball, football and basketball for a little boy to have some fun with. We located the local Toys for Tot's representative, and lucky for us it wasn't too late to make a difference. They humbly presented their gifts to the man, who was almost as impressed as I was with my little stud muffins and their generosity.

It should go without saying on this blog and anywhere else that you might find me expressing myself:


I needed this tonight.


Thanks, Munchkins. You make me so proud.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011

On Love

"...for you and your partner to be fully present, with complete access to the amazing abilities of your brain and body, you must know how to calm your own and your partner’s sense of safety in the moment.

The bottom line is that unless you feel emotionally safe in relation to the other, your hearts are not open to fully give and receive love."