Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mysterious ways

I try not to get into too much discussion about religion or politics on this page, but every once in a while, something along the nature of spirituality or personal beliefs creeps into the fold. This morning, I had a thought that I felt I could share without stirring up too much controversy. It was about God, or god, or a higher power, or whatever your name and capitalization preferences dictate. It started when I took Bodie out to do his business in the back yard. I always grab two plastic grocery bags when I head to toss the "debris" into, and the other to use as a makeshift glove to pick it up with. Well, often there are several bags all bundled together, which I dislike as if I grab too many and don't realize it before I head out, one or two gets wasted. There are plenty of extras in the house, but I just don't like to waste. Well, I started picking up the crap, and realized I had 3 bags instead of 2. I put the spare in my pocket to return to the stash, and tossed the used bags that I had filled up. As I did so, I looked into the sky, and say a cloud-shaped jet stream in the sky, stretching long and far. It ran from north to south, getting smaller at the southern end, and it occurred to me that it was like an arrow pointing me to warmer places. It occurred to me that I need to head south soon, if only for a brief escape from this reality here. I saw this as an omen that the Dude upstairs was reminding me to do so. It's just the thought that first popped in my head. As I looked back down, Bodie was going for round 2 of his business, as he will sometimes do, and although I had already tossed the used bags in the dumpster, there was one more bag in my pocket to deal with this occurrence. How fortunate...almost like someone was looking out for me. Another omen?

OK, maybe the reality of it all is that we can see and believe anything we want in the stars, the sky, the daily happenings of our lives. Maybe Jesus or the Virgin Mary will pop up in our mashed potatoes. Maybe not. But I do know that we have to be willing to find what we need in any place at any time, and if it means that my messages are going to be realized in my dog's shit, then so be it. I better be able to find some kind of positive sign in shitty places, or be prepared to wallow in them with no explanation, right?

I don't know.

This is actually seeming even more ridiculous now that it's written than when it was in my head 3 minutes ago.

Oh well. Keep your eyes open. There is a grand design. It's not always as pretty as you want it to be.


mohap247 said...

Can I just further clarify the "south" God was pointing you towards? NEW ZEALAND

Brian said...

Mo- I couldn't agree MORE.

Zack Sheppard said...

I'm down. I know exactly what you are saying. :)

Zack Sheppard said...
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Zack Sheppard said...

Oh! You will also be happy to know I started blogging again. Mostly photos, as that is my thing. But I'll be throwing some words in there as well. Smootch!

Sheela nandini said...

Hi Brian,

I just read your comment at Sahaj's post and I usually don't do this but I did it today -clicked on your name and this led me to this particular post of yours.

A funny thing happened this morning.I removed my gold and pearl-drop earrings and kept them beside me while turning in last night.This morning I picked them up with a lot of other stuff-things to put back in their places in my room-and headed to the kitchen.I didn't realise what I did when I threw the scraps of paper in the kitchen trash.Horror! Luckily I saw one that hadn't fallen right in.But the second one needed some handling.So I plunged in,bare hands and all and foraged but coudn't find the one.Went back for old newspapers and tipped the whole yucky stuff onto it-I mean like slimy papaya peels,onion peels, gooey leftovers in a coconut shell,and more-was wondering what this meant for me...
I finally found the missing earring and it was easier to just roll up the newspaper and dump it in the black trash bag.And then it hit me.My message from God.
We are Gold for Him.And even if some of us get into the yucky stuff like I did in my life-call it karmic or whatever- He used His bare hands to get me out of there.He really did,Brian.And I'm speaking of my Master.
A thing of value never loses it's worth even if it slips into trash.
WE ARE GOLD to Him or pearls or diamonds,made in His Image and Likeness and no karmic mess can prevent that moment of glory when He rescues us from it.
I truly understand what you shared here.
I had a pet too,Betsy we called her,and it was a very traumatic experience for me when I had to put her down.
So sorry this comment turned out to be such a long one.