Friday, October 7, 2011

It's a contest

So I volunteered to work at the 30th annual Jesse Beck Scarecrow Contest this afternoon. It's a big carnival type of event on the playground at my kids' elementary school. Having been a Roy Gomm Gopher myself, I never really participated in the event as a child, but many of my best friends did. It's a little bit like our version: Gopher Fun Day, but with a fall theme, face painting, kids running around hopped up on sugar, and carnival games all over the place.

I worked the basketball shot booth, which was just a big board with 3 little hoops on it, and for two tickets, any kid could shoot 3 times, to win a variety of swag. My kids came over and paid me a visit while I was there.

They didn't have any fun, as you can tell from their faces and the snow cone.

Actually, none of the kids had any fun today. It was pretty much one big sad, dramatic mess. Every time a kid came up to my booth, I took his or her two tickets, gave them the 3 balls, and if they made 2 I was sure to swat away the 3rd shot so that they couldn't win a mini gumball machine, which was the coveted grand prize.

The way I see it, these kids gotta learn what it's like in the real world some time. They have to know that just when they think they are about to win, someone might come along and block their best shot, and then knock them down and steal their bag full of candy and yo-yo's. Oh yeah, I totally got hooked up today. It was actually a pretty good day for me, except for having to clean up dirt and tears off the sleeve of my favorite sweater. But I'll probably have it dry cleaned, and I don't mind spoiling myself, because one of the parents wasn't paying attention, and left her purse lying right behind the bean-bag-toss booth, and I helped myself to a little somethin' somethin'...compensation, I think, for the hour and a half I took off of work. She only had $20 in her wallet anyway, so it's not like I did any serious damage...except maybe to her evening, as I grabbed the BMW keys that were in there too, and looked around for at least 4 minutes in the parking lot for that stupid car, but gave up and tossed them in a bush, and just took my own car back to the office instead. Oh well, it would have been sweet. Your welcome for not taking your car, lady. Man, I have some bad indigestion right now from all of the candy I ate. But I felt it was my duty to teach those kids that they need to start hitting the weights and stand up for themselves with some conviction next time. It's a tough job being a parent, but I take it very, very seriously.

Trick or Treat, I love Halloween!

Oh and kids, if you're reading this: I'm just having a little fun with creative writing. I didn't do most of that stuff. This is called exaggeration, although it might actually be what my therapist calls deflection, as I did really grab one of the little mini gummy-hamburger prizes out of the prize bucket and ate it. But thinking about all of that other stuff I COULD have done, it doesn't really seem so bad now, does it?

What!? I was HUNGRY!!


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