Saturday, October 8, 2011

The grapes are like a mouthpiece

After the game....

Ireland: Do you know that girl Sofia?

Me: Yeah, her daddy is a friend of mine.

I: She's my best best best friend on soccer.

M: That's great. She's also very aggressive on the field.

I: What does that mean?

M: It means she really wants the ball and goes and gets it.

I: I really want the ball all the time too!

M: That's good, Sis, you just have to go straight to it as fast as...

I: I call that car!

M: Ok.

I: Did you know that there's a car called 7-up?

M: What?

I: Just kidding.

I think she's really picking up on the finer points of the game.


Erin said...

seriously laughing. I love that girl.

storylady said... random.

Ellen said...

"I call that car" fav

Sujay said...

So beautiful the site is.Thank you.