Monday, September 12, 2011


As I write this post, I'm sitting on a conference call. Normally, it would be rude of me to be so distracted with the internetz when I am supposed to be participating in a call. This is magnified by the fact that the members of this conference call are all of the chapter leaders of CCIM for our region, which is the southwestern states. All said, I think there are about a dozen chapter leaders on this call; I represent Northern Nevada as Chapter President. We talk about how our chapters are doing, membership, education, the industry as a whole. It's a highly coordinated event, with calendar events and reminders going out about a week prior to the call. It's an important part of chapter leadership, and something everyone takes pretty seriously for the good of our organization of commercial real estate professionals. We all give chapter updates, and suggest best practices for maintaining the integrity of the CCIM brand of experts in our field.

So yeah, it would be pretty rude of me to be sitting here blogging while I'm on the call.

Except that some other chapter leader decided to check out of the meeting temporarily, and he or she put the call on hold. And he or she obviously didn't know that the hold button came with some very loud, very dramatic music that everyone in the virtual conference room is now listening to because we can't talk over it.

It's pretty hilarious, except that we all have better shit to do than reschedule this call that we've been gearing up for over the last week. (OK, in my case, for about 10 minutes prior to the call, but whatever, I gave a detailed report, as usual).

And now we are rescheduling, and now I must quit blogging and get back to work.


Never a dull moment.

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Erin said...

hahahahahahaha. We're all so hopelessly human.