Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This guy

Sean is making his way towards his black belt. Last night in class, the head instructor mentioned the various levels of performance that are expected of the varying degrees of black belts in the studio. One measure of performance that is expected of each level is fitness-based, and each degree is expected to perform a certain number of push ups and sit ups, for example. As people test for their belts, they perform the necessary amount of push ups or sit ups and often times they set records for how many they can do in a row. The numbers were pretty amazing. The instructor then went on to say that the "Little Dragons", (Sean's class), were going to do a push up test to see if anyone could set a record. I knew that Sean would be in the running for this.

As the entire class proceeded to get down and do the push ups, I didn't think much about how all of these little kids didn't really do push ups. All of them did a version of a push up that would not be accepted in most adult circles...the "mini-pump", the torso-only push up, etc. Then there was Sean. I have always told him how proud I am of how hard he works, and what good form he keeps when doing his push ups. He even kicked my ass, as I recall, at Cross Fit one humbling morning earlier this year. Well, true to form, Sean, stiff as a board, and nose to the ground every single time, busted out 30 push ups in a row last night, and set the bar for the class. He won an ice cold Gatorade as his reward for being so fucking legit.

Those are, of course, my words. As are: I love this kid.


Megan said...

Rockstar, just like his Dad.

I love your posts about your kids, Brian. Love abounds. They're going to love reading these stories one day.

Brian said...


Thank you very much. I love them more than life itself...I know you can relate.

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

STUD! Props from down under. Proud to call him our nephew...