Monday, August 1, 2011

A Princess at 5

Ireland turned 5 yesterday. I had her cracking UP while the two of us were sitting in the hot tub at the Montage, breaking away from the disco dance party held in her honor. I was telling her what a TEENY TINY little thing she was when she was born and how I held her in my arms and kissed her and hugged her and this information seemed to be appropriately hilarious to her. I don't really care what makes her laugh, I just love to see that awesomely beautiful smile of hers, and she had it on all night as she swam, open presents, ran around, and was just a perfect little 5 year old. Like she had been practicing to be 5 or something. Truth is, and most of us are aware, she is really practicing to be 16 right now. She kind of seems like she knows just about everything a 16 year old should know already.

Like she wants her ears pierced and Justin Bieber is awesome.

I'm not giving in on the earrings just yet, but she added to her collection of Bieber-a-bilia, high heels, tu-tu's, Barbie's, and friends yesterday.

Some things I know about Ireland:

She isn't scared.
She will try anything.
She adores her big brother.
She likes to play hard to get with me.
She was born to dance and knows how to shake her booty (see previous post).

I love everything about her.

Happy Birthday, Sissy. You make me very happy.

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mohap247 said...

This post makes me so happy...and so proud to call you my brother. I remember you ringing me to tell me when Ireland was born 5 years on what a wonderful father you are. Bragging proud pops... that is how it should be :)