Monday, August 8, 2011

The complicated splendor that is my 5 year old daughter


'tricko said...

"Complicated splendor" . . . that'll be the title of her first album.
First single release from the album?
"California Screamin'"
B-side of the single?
"Higher in Heels"

mohap247 said...

There are NO words for how happy that video made me. I love those kids.
fyi:I am with Sean on this one... California SCREAMER... MoMo almost lost her breakfast!
Thunder Mountain is my favorite too :)

Megan said...

Kevin and I watched this about 3 times last night, cracking up the entire way through. I grew up in So Cal and we went to D-Land several times a year - haven't been since 1999 and hearing your kiddos talk about it made me want to get my butt back there. Love how Sean starts out shy and then gets totally into it, forgets the camera is there. And you engaging with your kids, teasing them - "yeah, my nephew? yeah, i know him." - LOVE IT! Ireland - omg - there are no words for that cuteness. High heels? That is the most genius idea EVER.

Brian said...

Uncle Trick: You are on to something!

Mo: Thunder Mountain rocks. But you should have seen Ireland CRYING when they wouldn't let her on Cal Screaming! Necessity is the mother of high-heeled invention.

Megan: You guys need to just come over for a bbq some time soon. It's always like this...they are actually much more lively off camera, believe it or not. And yes, genius. Always.