Thursday, July 21, 2011


Today was a special day for my dad and Beccy. It popped up on my reminders, making my phone ding this morning as I was getting the kids fed and dressed. Normally I love it when my calendar works the way it was supposed to:

Somebody's Birthday - Ding. Sweet, send them a text or an email, grab a card or present usually. Done.

Kids' karate lesson, swim lesson, school performance - Ding. Sweet, I have an hour to get there and take some pictures or video.

Somebody's anniversary - Ding...

Wow, this must be a really hard day for that certain somebody left behind today. Well, there's not a whole lot I can do except say "I'm thinking about you, and I love you."

That will never do the trick.

The calendar is always changing. The name of the game is adaptation. Change is the only constant. We can't always pick and choose what or when that change will take place. All we can do is roll with the punches, and say "I love you" as much as possible. Even when we aren't saying it to someone in front of us. Even when we are saying it to the picture on the wall.


Megan said...

Happy Anniversary, Beccy, to you and a great man.

mohap247 said...

I love you.