Wednesday, July 27, 2011

To You

Hey Pops-

I just had a thought occur to me that I wanted to share with you. I had the urge to get up and walk into your office and crack a joke and make you laugh, and catch up for a minute on real life stuff, filling in the details about the deals, the tenants, the numbers...but touching base on what's important in my life outside of this place. I got a sensation of being happy and excited to share, of seeing your face, hearing your voice, sitting down in front of you and...well,...talking.

I miss that. I think I miss it the most. It happens all of the time, but for some reason today it just didn't occur to me that you aren't here for a couple of seconds, and in that brief amount of time I experienced a fond feeling, a memory. It's something I still have, and I'm grateful for it. You gave me so many of those moments, and having the gift of the last few years working with you in the office was probably my favorite of all of the 35 years I got to share with you. The biggest blessings were hidden in the sometimes mundane, always challenging, but never dull moments that we shared day in and day out.

You would have been laughing out loud with that wide-eyed "holy shit" surprised look when I told you about the bat that hit a tenant in the face at 4 in the morning this morning. Yeah, a fucking bat. I took care of it. Get back to doing whatever you were doing wherever you are. I hope it's a problem you are solving, just like the thousands you handled so well when you were here with the rest of us. Big picture stuff. You were a big picture kind of man. And the best man I knew.

I miss you.


mohap247 said...

Bri, lovely post. Thank you for sharing. I had an interview today and the man who interviewed me looked like dad...something about him made me want to reach out and hug him. (I did not as surely this would hinder my chances of getting the job) but I left and was quite teary afterwards... but maybe Dad just wanted to reach out to us today to let us know he is good :)
Again, thanks for sharing. :) I love you.

Ellen said...

love this post