Wednesday, June 8, 2011


My Aunt Teri used to pick us up on the last day of school, and we would go up to my grandma's house and hang out and call 97.3, KWNZ, and ask Wild Bill Cody if he would play Alice Cooper's song "School's Out For Summer"...every year. Every last day of school. I don't even like Alice Cooper, but Teri's vicarious excitement for us was amazing, and she was always having so much fun with us when we were little. And there IS something to be said about the last day of school. An energy in the air with the knowledge that there is a whole summer of swimming and play ahead, and an exciting, unknown world of the next grade level up just a few short months away.

Ireland's excitement was pretty easy to spot. All she wanted to do was grab on to her big brother and squeeze him and share the love. She got a hold of him. These two got a hold of my heart in a big way.

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mohap247 said...

HAHHAHAHHAHA. what a great photo!!!
It has to ben said that my first year at UNR... Teri found a way to get in touch and sing to me. Gotta love that woman.
PLAY PLAY PLAY kiddos!!!