Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Week

I've had a pretty busy week, and with the companionship with those people near and dear to me in my life, I have also had a productive least on the physical fitness part. I've logged a few miles on the trails and streets of Reno, I've had Willie cause a little bit of pain with his crossfit torture, I've run my dogs so hard that they lay on their beds and sleep the way i wish I could, and I've held some of the warmest, nicest people I know close to my heart.

A year ago today I was enjoying Easter with my dad in the backyard of a house that I recently left. I'm glad to be out of that place, but I will hang on to so many of the memories there...especially that day. I still have a picture with me that was a gift that day...a genuinely thoughtful and beautiful gesture. Thank you for the memory.

Today I woke up warm and smiling, and ran along the river, thinking about the world around me and the one I don't understand. I ran with Bec all the way to Babymama's house where the first of 3 egg hunts took place for my kiddos today. They are so frickin' beautiful that some times I can't stand it. Sometimes I can't hug them long or hard enough to ever make me feel like I've done it right. I am so very thankful for them and for everyone in my life right now. I love that Sean, who is competitive when he needs to be, is still such an amazing big brother to his stylish, hilarious little sister. He made sure that she got some of the good eggs this morning. He brings me to tears with his sweetness. He wears it on his sleeve.

This week Sean was rewarded for the hard work that he puts in to everything he does. At karate, his instructor informed us that he needed to go up to the advanced (big kids) class because he needs to skip two belts and he is now a brown belt. I wasn't surprised, just infinitely proud. I've seen him in that class hitting harder, doing the only real push-ups that room ever sees, and listening with focus to the teachers. That's what he does..he listens. He listens to me when I'm "Coach Daddy" on the baseball field, and he shares the same, proud smile with me when after I tell him to step up in the box because the pitches are coming slow, he hits the biggest smash I have seen in the league all season OVER the right fielder's head...he pulled it perfectly because that day he was hitting lefty. This kid is enjoying this time. Something is going very right.

My little trendsetter, Ireland is showing me a ton of affection and cracking me up lately. Last weekend in SF, she picked out all of these new clothes herself, and when I posted this picture on Instagram, quite a few female followers only wanted to know "where did she get these shoes?"

She knows. She is a little fashionista at 4, and socially more advanced than most woman I know. At Starbucks yesterday, she noticed a friend when we walked in and asked, "Daddy, can I go over and say hi?"

"Of course, beautiful."

She walked over and snuck up behind her friend, who turned around, grabbed her by the face and shouted her name, smiling, and they hugged as if they had known each other for 30 years. Girls. They crack me up.

Life is good. I have a lot of challenges on my plate, but I wouldn't trade any part of this trip with anyone.

Happy Easter.


mohap247 said...

This blog post makes me so happy. I am so proud of Sean! I like that he is such a focused and self disciplined boy, what a stud. hahha Irealand. That girl is so fabulous. And good on ya getting out hitting the pavement, I am sure Spring will be very welcome in Reno.

Ellen said...

love you Brian

Marlee said...

Your children are beautiful! I'm a struggling college student blogging about living on an EXTREMELY tight budget, and your writing style was very calming! Felt like I was listening to someone telling a story rather than reading. Great blog!