Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Check yo self

I have been swamped, and neglecting the Evolution as of late, as you may or may not have noticed. But this morning I saw something that was noteworthy, so I knew I would have to carve out 90 seconds today to share it here. It's pretty rare when I read or give credence to my horoscope, but this morning I just happened to make it to that section of the newspaper, and there it was, illuminating my day with sage advice:

"Check your state of mind before you walk in the door, pick up the phone or start up the computer."

Indeed. That's exactly what I needed to do this morning. Life has consisted of a lot of work lately, and it's been overwhelming, and I tend to get mentally defeated before I even begin. So this morning, thanks to being born a Sagittarius (or whatever I actually am now), and thanks to the probable randomness of the universe and this being my horoscope today, I found a perfect glimpse of wisdom that has got me started on the right foot this morning.

Well, that and a little Crossfit damage. Grrr.

1 comment:

mohap247 said...

Yes. I have noticed that you have not blogged... I love reading them :)
Nice horoscope! Good advice!
I could have used that advice yesterday when I came into work and noticed that my pants were see-through.(not even joking)