Friday, February 18, 2011

West Coast Hip Hop Night

West Coast Hip Hop Night
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I popped into the BLCC to check out one of the only gigs that didn't get shut down by the snow tonight. It was pretty kicked back, and it was good. Hosted and starring Tony, aka: Locus, I was pretty impressed to see a little slice of Reno's fairly decent hip hop community in the crowd by about the middle of the show. And even more impressive was the way Tony has elevated his game lately...even touching on moments of channeling his inner Al Green when he let his voice start to sing towards the end. It's fun to meet and watch these very talented young people grow in our community. I was happy to be in attendance during the spoken-word portion of the evening, when Locus paid respect to Black History Month by spitting out a piece he must have called "I'm Black". And I didn't even really get hit with any "I was born white so I should feel guilty" bullshit either.

All in all a nice little Thursday night.

Now I'm going to try and get 5 hours of sleep before plowing my way through the snow down to Willie's Warehouse of Insanity.

Goodnight. I think.

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