Friday, February 11, 2011

No yawning

I'm still here for your entertainment.

If you were at Willie's House of Pain this morning, it might have been slightly entertaining to witness me suck wind while flipping tires, hitting them with a sledgehammer, doing gladiator dumbell pushups, barbell deadlifts, dragging a tire in a race with some other dude out back (he didn't have a tire chained to HIM, fyi), etc, etc, puke. Not for a lack of effort.

"Olympic Lifting" session on Sunday. I peed my pants with fear just a little bit when Willie said so. This is going to hurt.

But I'll tell you what: starting the morning off before the sunrise with a workout like this really gets my head straight for the rest of the day. And I saw Estee and Digesti again, doing their own thing...talking some shit. Funtimes.

Life is pretty good these days. I'm reconnecting with old friends, and remembering how much fun it is. I'm planning on a weekend full of working at the office, with the occasional procrastination to possibly update this blog. Apparently it's becoming "boring", and I can't let that happen.

Work is slammed, and I am doing my best just to keep up. This weekend should help. I'm counting my blessings daily to be involved in some of the best and most pioneering happenings in Downtown Reno over the last few years...and a few on the horizon as well. As tough as the economy might be, there are still risk takers, progressive thinkers, entrepreneurs and visionaries everywhere I turn. I am stoked just to rub shoulders with them, and on occasion, help out. Cliche as it might be, I Love This Place too.

In other news, my kids are finally going to get a taste of the Magic Kingdom at the end of the month. There is an element of surprise yet to be revealed to all involved, so DON'T BLOW IT!! Luckily Sean spends his time on the internet looking at skate videos and hamsters, so I'm not worried about the spoiler at this point. But it's going to be Epic.

Dude, as I get further into this post, I am realizing that it's actually still boring. This is like filler content, puked out on the page in defense of myself after being called out for what I am these days: kinda boring?


Or maybe I'm just a sleeper, laying low, storing up the reserves, biding my time...waiting for the next big thing in my life. Or just the next thing. Who knows.


mohap247 said...

I like any news :) Puke does not need to be involved to keep it interesting! Disneyland will be AMAZING!!! I AM SO SO SO excited. and to be honest... Matt is really jealous. I will never forget taking him there (he was 25) and he yelled "THAT IS MICKEY"... "Yes Matt... that IS Mickey" so if a 25 year old gets THAT excited after his first visit... i can only IMAGINE what the kiddos will do.
Keep on truckin

Erin said...

I don't know who called your blog boring; it's anything but. You are also not boring. I can see how hard you're working, mentally, physically, and emotionally. It isn't going unnoticed and just because there isn't anything horrible, sad, scandalous, angry or shocking going on doesn't mean you have turned boring. I see you being the man you were created to be. Hard working. Wonderful father. Health conscious. Funny. Doing your best. Walking the walk of your priorities.
These partial sentences all describe you. You are ANYTHING BUT boring.

mohap247 said...