Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today is already a good day. I almost puked and passed out this morning, thanks to Willie Kahl. It's been a minute since I've started any kind of real training like this. In fact, it's been over a year...the last year has been a relative ass-kicker of a different kind. So the occasional 1-2 miles with the dogs, or 30 minutes in the weight room (and let's be honest, we're probably talking a cumulative 2 hours in the last 12 months), and the last couple of years of just plain bullshit I have endured do not qualify as any kind of "work out". Maybe an emotional one, at best.

So today it starts, and I'm going to track my progress, on occasion, here on the ol' Evo. So enjoy, or feel free to hit the "next blog" button up there and move on to sexier pastures. But this space...this head space...it's already going up to the next level.

Oh, and my psych-up mix that woke me up this morning is a combination of Wolfmother, The Dead Weather, and a few others that I threw into a list entitled "RockFuck" last night. That's as close as I can get to how it makes me feel. Sorry, mom. I think I might be getting tourette's. Well, no, "getting" is inaccurate.

Bonus plot twist: while I'm "warming up", trying to achieve the 300-calories-in-10-minutes status of the guys that trained for the movie "300" (not really close...stay tuned), I look up and see Estee and Digesti walk in. At first I was a little scared to think that these guys are going to be witness to some over-the-top wind-sucking and possible whining, but having thought about it some more, I'm actually a little more motivated to do work.

Bring on the early mornings!

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mohap247 said...

All the best Bri. When the breathing gets a bit hard and heavy.... just remember why we are doing this... CCLMB.
(The last letter (B) works for ladies too)
Love ya bro