Sunday, January 30, 2011

Right Now

I miss my kids.

So I'm going to list things I like at the moment:

  • Sitting across from Sean & Ireland in the booth, watching them laugh and eat. Listening to "White Unicorn" by Wolfmother in the car ride back to Babymama's house, rocking out with them, knowing that they are the most musically diverse kids in the world with only a cumulative 11 years of experience between them. I.Love.EveryFuckingMinuteWithThem.
  • San Francisco
  • The idea of a new tattoo...for my dad.
  • Reeeeeally good coffee. I have it for breakfast. I have it for dessert. I love it in a french press. I love it in triple-shot doses of espresso. I love it in a house. I love it with a mouse.
  • Instagram. I'm addicted. The group of people from around here are interesting, funny, beautiful, deep, and conflicted.
  • Chainsaw's Viper. I want one. It's a bad idea. The highway patrol would know me on a first name basis. And not all of them are as cool as Officer Guerello. I'll settle for my motorcycle,'s almost ready for the road, and it will be fast and raw, just the way I need it.
  • The word "Colossal".
  • Procrastinating about the pile of shit on my desk by making lists on my blog. Hey, it's Sunday.
  • Rabbit Confit.
  • Pull Ups. Push Ups. Big Ups. Coming Ups. Gitups. Pick-me-ups.
  • Lists.
  • Writing letters to exes and then throwing them away. They already know. It's for me.
  • Self Improvement. It's not really "masturbation". Look, I love Fight Club as much as the next skinny, angry fucker, but that line is just poison. Better yourself.
  • The knowledge that occasionally eases itself into my brain and my heart, gently reminding me when I most need it that everything is going to be OK. It may not feel like it all the time, but I know it to be true. To those who would make this knowledge harder to find: Suck matter who you are and how nice and forgiving I'm supposed to be to you because of your age, or station, or relationship to me. To those who would help me by reminding me that everything is good, and we are One: I love you beyond words.

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Ellen said...

everything is good; we are one