Thursday, January 13, 2011

It wasn't that long ago...

...that I pictured my dad busting out one-armed push-ups at age 73.

OK, so I got one part of that post wrong.

The rest of it was still balls on.

And a year ago today I was balls fucking on, as well.

Hey Pops, thanks for those lessons. It was like you were putting money in the bank. I was in a dark place earlier this evening. I swear to GOD it took me a long time tonight to find my way back, but I eventually did. I started to worry that you were gone. I started to think that you were nothing more than a bunch of pictures that make me cry. I started to believe that you were confined to a bunch of words on this blog. But I scrolled through the pictures, and I read through the words, and I listened to some good music...and all of the sudden it came back. You came back.

You're in me. You're in all of us. We are carrying you around and you make us all better. We are all moving. We will all wake up tomorrow and get after it. We will do it again.

And I, for one, will do it with my head up and my face smiling, because you showed me that if there's one thing you would have liked it was more time. Well, Pops, I'm pretty sure I've got some time ahead of me, but I'm not counting on it.

You fucking rock.


Brian said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, Mom. Two F-Bombs.


No,'s my blog!!

But I love you, too.

mohap247 said...

Good and bad days for all of us are in the future, but I know he is a huge part of all of us... so great post- and
F*** yeah Bri.