Friday, January 28, 2011

Hey Aly

So I know it's not that interesting, but here's something just for YOU!

Thanks for the nice chat last night. I can only hope to be as lucky as the two of you...both beautiful and golden-hearted. I know that what you had to say to me was from the heart, and it takes a rare type of person that can actually get through to me and convince me that I don't ACTUALLY know everything.

I know nothing.

So I'm content to chill out, enjoy the solitude, figure it out. Not in Reno, of course. Road trip time.

And, since the control arm completely broke off the axel of my jeep, with thanks to my buddy, "Chainsaw", I'll be doing my thinking to the sounds of "Empire of the Sun" through the radio-transmitted iPod in my lap, muffled only by the sound of 10-cylinders of raw power. Last night, heading through the Sierra midnight at 125, and knowing that I had another gear and another 40-60 clicks on the speedo to go, I thought, "See, I don't have to push it so hard...I can ease off the throttle and just enjoy this nice meandering pace for a while." ;-)

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