Saturday, January 29, 2011

Back & Forth

Just took a night in SF to eat at Flour + Water with some of my fave's. Then a little scenester catch-up at Lyon Pub. Thanks, kids...that was a great night back in the old haunt. I'll see you again soon. The trip was way, way too short, but the drive was fun...more like a video game than a task.

Today was 95% rad...filled with the happiest, raddest kids on earth, bumper-bowling, and a late-night game of "Dad, scare us some more!" I love that game. I put on a crazy-ass smile and growl like a psycho and my kids try to decide whether it's funny or they are about to pee their pj's. My mom used to scare the crap out of us as kids, too. Something sick and exciting about it.

That other's not really getting any easier. "These girls fall like dominoes...da-da-da-dominoes..." All but the one that means it all to me...and she is righteous right now. The second I get her on her own, she's a love, a firecracker, a dance machine, and right on the heels of her big brother, who incidentally, sets the bar pretty high for being a gentleman.

I am doing something right. These two kids are without question the smartest, happiest, most polite, funniest, most well-adjusted pair I have ever met. I have been worried about finding my center lately, recovering from loss, heartbreak, pain...all the things we all have to deal with. But I get a few minutes back with the shorties, and the rest of it literally falls away.

Life is good. I am grateful. I'm working my ass off, having fun as much as possible, and waking up every morning with pride and purpose.

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pom-poms & peonies said...

come back already. we barely got started!