Thursday, August 26, 2010

She ain't scurred

I took Ireland to get her shots for school last week. I wasn't sure if she knew what we were doing...she was pretty chipper. When, at the end, the nurse left to get the shots ready, I asked her, "Sis, you know you are going to get shots now, right?"


"And you are OK?"


OK, so I decided to be safe I would try and make her laugh a little bit. I tried to play around and make faces.

She played coy with me and pretended not to smile.
Then all of the sudden, she got this big smile on her face and I thought I had done the trick...until I looked over and realized that her brother had the magic touch.

I can't compete with THAT!

He's rad. She's rad. She took a deep breath for 3 monster shots, and didn't even frown.

Tough girl.
Funny boy.

They make a good team.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Right now...

...Uncle 'Trick is going to TOWN. I love seeing the comments pop up in my email inbox. Validates my existence, if you catch my drift.

That guy can READ!

Oh, btw: he can also WRITE! Pretty well, as a matter of fact. Hope to see more than comments from him soon...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On Sesame Street...That's where you'll find me

I feel like I have posted this one before, but I searched my blog...holy shit it's old...and came up empty handed. So I HAVE to post it now, and probably watch it one more time tonight before I go to bed. I love how Stevie and his band get all Miles at the end...and they keep on going and drifting off like they want to be Bitches Brew, and forget they are on the playground of Sesame Street. Well, Stevie doesn't forget. He actually has that muppet swagger about him anyway, so he fits in well, and he calls out the Cookie Monster, among others, in his jam. The kids are digging it. This kid especially. Man, that would have been a cool gig to say "I was there". I didn't catch Stevie until Lawlor, circa 1985...when he was playing "The Woman In Red" and "Don't Drive Drunk". His rotating circle-shaped stage may as well have been Big Bird's courtyard for all he really knew. Although the acoustics were probably better in the ghetto. Not that Lawlor isn't ghetto. OK, I digress. Without futher ado:

Damn, he's still my hero.

Monday, August 16, 2010

To the MAX

This is Max. We just figured out that we've been friends now for about 20 years. Holy shit. How did that happen?

He may not like to talk about it, but he's an amazing guitar player.

And he has a cool motorcycle...or two.

And he is happily married.

And his son, Finn, it beautiful and a big flirt.

Max has it going on. And he's right there to pick up the phone, drive over, pick me up, and do whatever sounds good.

That's friendship.

Thanks, dude.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Sometimes I think about whether or not I should blog about some of the things that happen in my day to day. Some times I keep it to myself. Sometimes I consider that the image I might portray of myself is less than flattering or perhaps demonstrates a little too much of my personal insecurity, struggle, or occasional pathetic nature. This is one of those times I am just going to say fuck it, here it is. It's mostly good, anyway.
So I went over to swim and hang out with the kids today while their mom went to see her sister who is visiting from out of town. She needed a few hours away, and I needed some time with the two greatest people on Earth. We had an awesome time just chilling, eating grilled cheese sammies, swimming, watching old-school Batman so Ireland could get an idea of what her Halloween costume (Catwoman) might look like...yes, she is already thinking about it. It was just simple and good, like it tends to be
a lot of the time. I am starting to see more and more affection and attention from Ireland these days, too. She had been very hard to break through to over the last year or so, but it's getting better, and she even looked over at me from the couch today, out of the blue, and told me "I love you, Daddy." She hasn't said those words without being asked or guided for a long time. It was surprising and awesome.

So I went over and chilled on her couch with her, playing barbies, smelling her feet as she slammed them in my face, laughing. I was looking at her and she looked up at me and said, "Dad why is it sad inside your eyes?"

Wow. I wasn't feeling super sad, as I have been lately. In fact, this was the best I have felt in a while, and I had to face the facts that Ireland, at 4, is pretty in tune with more than I realize, and I figured it would be better to be as honest as possible than confuse or dishonor whatever this open line of communication is that she is creating. So I said "Well, Ireland, I am really happy right now, being with you and Sean...having fun. I get sad when I don't get to see you guys, and I guess missing people is what makes me sad."

"Yeah, you miss Anna", she said.

Holy shit. Right to the jugular. No way to avoid it now.

"Yeah, I do."

She looked at her Barbie, and moving on to another subject, finished with "I know."

So yeah, Ireland, Sean, everyone reading this: I do. But I am getting better.

Friday, August 13, 2010

In my opinion...

"If you go down to hammond
You’ll never come back
In my opinion you’re
On the wrong track
We’ll always love you but
That’s not the point

If you go with that fella
Forget about us
As far as I’m concerned
That would be just
Throwing yourself away
Not even trying
Come on you’re lying to me

Well I went down to hammond
I did as I pleased
I ain’t the only one
Who’s got this disease

Why don’t you face the fact
You old upstart
We fall apart

You’d be okay if you’d
Just stay in school
Don’t be a fool

Do your eyes have an answer
To this song of mine
They say we meet again
On down the line
Where is on down the line
How far away?
Tell me I’m okay

If you go down to hammond
You’ll never come back"

So I removed the playlist on the right for now. Sorry, uncle 'Trick...I just can't listen to it anymore. I put the words above from my favorite song that was on the list. They are still relevant. They hurt to hear, as beautiful as they are.

I tried. I still would. But my head and heart hurt from banging up against a wall, and I've lost too much blood. I will continue to follow my heart forever, and I am happy to be in tune with it. But for now, I need it to quiet down. I need the quiet. Even on the blog.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Easy Rider

Dad's on a trip. A road trip. I don't remember him really taking one, aside from the times he drives to a run, or to Carson, or Whitney...or that time when we all climbed in the back of the red suburban at 4am to drive down to Disneyland, and partied our balls off...just kidding, we were like 4-6-8-10 years old, so I think we just did the Disneyland thing and hung out with the Falbo's or something, anyway...all 4 of us got chicken pox on the way back through Death Valley, and that was probably the last road trip I actually remember. There was the hour to Graeagle or Donner every summer. Still...none of it measures up.

My dad told me he wouldn't be in the office for a week. I said cool. I asked where he was going. He said he didn't know. North. East. To the Idaho border. We'll see from there. I said rad. I wanted to hug him I was so proud, but I think it would have spoiled the free-spirited hair-up-his-ass buzz he had when he told me...and I had a couple of clients sitting at the conference table, so I didn't want to freak them out.

So he didn't respond to my text yesterday, asking where he was...but he did send a work email tonight. Fucker is always working. It's in his blood. Anyway, I asked him in the email after that, and he finally wrote back, "Sun Valley it is pouring rain we leave tomorrow for Mcall."


I've never been those two places. I bet he hasn't either. I bet the rain is amazing.

I was just sitting on the porch with a friend a couple of nights ago, talking about how I had no idea where my dad was. As the two of us looked at the fire-lit sky filling up with angry clouds threatening an awesome lighting storm (it turned out to be more bark than bite), I said, "I hope he's miles away from anywhere, and gets caught up in a big storm, and has to bed down for a night or two with Bec." She added, "Yeah, and I hope they are sitting on a huge covered deck, up close watching the rain."


Dad, I hope it's pouring hard up there. It sounds amazing.