Friday, April 30, 2010

What day is it?

Seriously. I find myself forgetting which day of the week it is lately.

It's late. I'm not done with my work tonight. Each one of the tasks I have on my plate deserves about 3-4 days of attention. They will each need to be done by the end of the week. There are probably twenty of these tasks. I'm no mathematician....what day is it?

It's not the tasks, however, that are on my mind at this moment.

It's the little things that are starting to get me right now. The broken gate latch when I leave the house in the morning. The broken board on the front porch that needs to be fastened back up. The new layer of vapor seal that needs to be put down under the house. The motor mounts on the jeep. The trash around the apartments. The rest of the weeds at the bar. The screen door at Manor. The trash cans at the office. The for rent sign that needs to be put back out front. The bent fence post in the driveway. The couch someone left by the dumpster. The giant tree limb lying next to the couch that fell off a few nights ago and landed on a tenant's car. The dents and scratches in her car that I need to fix. The stack of clean clothes on the chair in the bedroom that need to be ironed and put away. The dirty clothes on top of them. The keyboard in the back of the jeep that obstructs my view. The guy who might need to borrow my keyboard tomorrow, which is why I can't take it out. The gym. My back hair.

None of these things will get the attention they deserve any time soon. Well, maybe the vapor seal...the smell of wet lime from the most recent pipe breakage is getting a little old. I need to crawl down there and do that one. But the rest of these little details will all just have to wait until my mind can't deal with the stacking any longer. There's actual work to do, and these things are not directly in the path between me and my objectives. But they are distracting.

This is therapeutic, if nothing else.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

For a minute...

Josh, a kid I went to school with, passed last week.

His older brother was a senior when I was a freshman at Manogue. He's a good dude, lives in Colorado now, I think...he came into the bar a couple of months back to say hi.

His sister was in my graduating class. She's a nice girl, just opened up a cool salon a few doors down from my office. She is always bright and easy to get along with when I see her out and about.

His mom worked at Manogue for years; close to her kids.

He left behind a son, too, whom I met being strolled around the neighborhood with his mother when I was out trick-or-treating with my own kids a couple of years back.

"Smither" was a little dude when he was a freshman and I was a senior. We teased him a little bit in football and basketball, but it was because we knew he was a tough kid with a great personality, and that he would do well. He did go on to get huge and dominate the linebacker position at Nevada for 4 years, I think.

I just looked at his sister's facebook page and saw his pictures up in her photo album. I got to one of his sister, mom and child together, and it hit me pretty hard. Especially seeing his mom, remember her, and considering the pain that she and the rest of his family must be going through. I had to imagine what kind of horrible thing it must be to lose a child. So unnatural. I wanted to cry, and then I saw that his mom commented on one of the pictures: "I love you Josh more than life itself and now you get it all. I am so proud of you and what you stood for and I just wish they had texting in Heaven."

Unreal. What a mom.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's up with this wind!?

Kinda how I feel right now.

But seriously, if anyone finds the umbrella off of our back deck...with the new light strand in it...that would be great to get it back.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

3 decks high

I pulled up to pick up the kids tonight at just the perfect moment. Sean and his neighbor/best bud, Ben, had been skating and riding bikes all afternoon. They were so stoked to show me the newest trick: stacking the skate decks 3-high, end-on-end, as something to launch over off the ramp. Sean's bike is too big for him still, but he owns it.

He's a classic boy.

And mine.

Hey Mo!

Maybe you and Matt should think about some new haircuts for the wedding?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Knock Knock...

...Who's there?
Duane Who?
Duane the bathtub, I'm dwowning!!

Had to be there to REALLY get how funny that was this morning. They get it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Look at that SWING!

I'm coaching T-Ball this year. It's by far the coolest thing going on in my life. We had our second game last night, (after only 2 practices...we need more!), and the weather was just awesome. I have come to learn that baseball is just good, not matter if you're at the plate, in the stands, or pointing and encouraging a bunch of 5-and-6-year-olds to try and just watch the ball!

I seriously can't put into words how much fun it is. The skill level varies quite a bit, from Jake (the first up to bat in this little video), who has a friggin' CANNON for an arm....all the way to a couple of the other boys and girls (!) who range from underhanded tosses, to holding the glove straight up while the ball hit's their chest, to probably wondering what snack they get after the game. It's perfect.

Sean is so cute out there. He is really having fun, and he has been a good hitter since about 2, so this is more about learning the rules and getting better at catch for him. Also, as it is for most kids this age, it's about breaking through the anxiety of something new, and trying to learn a game that will hopefully be a part of their lives forever. I know it is for me.

Sean's First Base Hit from Brian Egan on Vimeo.