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It's snowing

I blame my laziness with the shaving on the weather.
I'm sure my uncle Mark would like to toss me a quarter right now to help me afford a razor. Still one of his best jokes!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A thought

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When I was in middle school, and everyone was in Spanish class (except me...I took German for some reason) we all went around the halls saying "Hola, chica!" or whatever 3 or 4 words we could remember. Because it was cool. To say it in Spanish made us cool.

Now my 6 year old calls me on the phone and says "Hola, Amigo! ?Como estas?" Then we talk a little and he says "Adios!" when it's time to hang up. He's being cooler at 6 than I was at 13...and he doesn't even know it. And it actually IS cool.

I don't know. I think I learn more from these kids about coolness every day.

I Live... fight another day!

Nothing in front of me but opportunity. So grateful.

(Thanks for the comment, Uncle 'Trick)
I totally used that phrase wrong, But it's how I feel after winning a 10-month long battle this morning. With a bank. A big bank. I officially modified the loans on my house...I actually did this for Babymama's house about a month ago. In both cases, I am responsible for every penny of the debt I took on in the special deals, no principle reduction, no Obama plan help. Just me working it out with the bank. And no forclosure, no trauma, no loss. It wasn't easy. The economy has forced me into a hole, and I have fought back...yes, Pat, I would like to think Chuck Norris style.
Then again, apparently I make myself out to be the "hero" on this blog.

Well, duh.

Monday, January 18, 2010


A wise man once told me "When the world gets hard, as it's bound to do, count your blessings. It really helps."

Nothing in my life experience has taught me more about spirituality than the feeling of gratitude. It's the most important thing. If I feel nothing else, I feel thankful...all the time. I'm counting up my blessings today. It's helping.

I thought about making a list of a few of them, but at the moment it seems a little contrived...a quick fix for writer's block. Instead, I'll pick the one: I am so grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life. We all help each other out. I know I haven't always needed the help. These days, I have needed it more than any other time in my life. And it's there all around me, constantly reinforcing my core belief that life is such a gift. It's there in the form of hugs and kisses, comments and kudos, emails, texts and voicemails, visits, prayers, consoling conversations, tackles, squeezes, smashfaces, questions, answers, offers, actions, expressions of gratitude, forgiveness, encouragement, and acknowledgement.

I am in awe of this life. I am so grateful for everyone around me.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Man

The Man
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He's been back in the office. He had to catch the Nevada game last night. He walked all the way to Scolari's (and probably would have jogged if everyone in his life wouldn't have gotten up his ass about it).

It hasn't even been a week since the surgery.

I guess I better get over myself and get back to work or this guy might start busting my balls.

I swear to GOD he just got a tumor so he can beat it and show me what a pussy I have been acting like this past year.

He would totally do that.

If you can't say something nice... least claim your comments.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Messin' around with iMovie

Slow night at the bar, so I thought I would mess around with my Macbook...specifically iMovie. Although there is absolutely nothing special about the way I put this movie together, the two little people in it are pretty special, so even though I have a lot to learn, I'm posting my first effort here for you to mock. Keep in mind that iMovie is so frickin' easy that this took me a whole 20 minutes to do. So Scorsese better watch out when I get some time on my hands.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Intestinal Fortitude

My dad has always had a knack for words. He is big on those, in particular, that define character. If there is one thing I know he is all about, it's "Intestinal Fortitude". He would tell me as a kid how important this characteristic was in life. When, at about the age of 12, I finally asked him what it meant, I think he responded "Grit". Other ways he would help define it included comparable words (which he may or may not have made up), like "stick-to-it-tive-ness". Regardless of his approach, he got his message across, mostly because he is the walking example that actions speak louder than words.

My dad had a heart attack on his 43rd birthday. He is one tough sumbitch though, and when he felt the attack coming on right in the middle of his set on the bench press, he simply stood up, walked out to the R.A.C. parking lot, got in his car, and drove himself to the Emergency Room! He had had a pretty massive one, too, but he made it a point to, one year later, run the FIRST of 10 marathons that he has completed in his life. Shit like that takes intestinal fortitude.

I hope I have a tenth of what he has in his body, and in his soul.

This is my dad just hours after he had brain surgery to remove an aggressive glioma in his left frontal lobe. The neurosurgeon at UCSF warned us that he might not be able to speak, move, understand things, etc for a little while. The minute I walked in the room, about 30 minutes after he left the O.R., he opened his eyes and gave me a wink. When he started talking immediately, and was more cognizant than I have seen him in about 2 weeks, I was beyond surprised and excited at the same time. This fucking guy has got Grit. He has Intestinal Fortitude. He has everything in a man that I want to have, and I am so proud to be his son. If there is one person that has the ability to say "Fuck You" to a brain tumor, it's my Pops.
He is a fighter. He has stick-to-it-tive-ness. He is back in action, and he is still teaching me what it all means. I love this man.

Monday, January 11, 2010

In Italy

Dad and Bec from a little while back.

Dinner @ Bambino's

We had a great night last night in Cole Valley.

Posted up now in the USCF Surgical waiting room with family.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

WWCND? (Let's pause for a second)

In times like these, I find myself asking a lot of questions about life. What is going on? Why is this happening? Where do I belong? What would Chuck Norris do?

Thank GOD Anna bought me a 3-movie Chuck Norris disk for Christmas, and I found a few answers in the probably made for TV movie "Logan's War, Bound By Honor". I won't go into great detail, and I wish my phone had a video capability so that the images I am about to show you weren't just still captures. Be that as it may, it's probably better that you go out and see the real thing for yourself anyway.

The absolute climax of this movie, and of my week, was when Chuck, standing down the mob Boss, decides to tuck his gun in his waistband and give him about 10 seconds of uninterrupted eye contact. (So jealous). The Boss, sitting in his Cadillac, revs his engine and throws it into drive and charges at CN. Norris obviously knew this was coming, and he charged AT the car. You can see the look of surprise in the Boss's face just milliseconds before Nor-dog throws a fatal flying double-kick THROUGH the windshield, steering wheel, and Boss's chest. It was fucking magnificent.

I wish everything in life was this simple.

It's a stressful time right now, and if you know me, you know that I need to interject a little humor into even the darkest of situations. Please forgive me a mental time out from the bullshit around me. And also know that although I am talking about humor, Chuck Norris is not funny. He's a badass motherfucker.

Gettin' Some Chukkar

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010