Thursday, September 17, 2009

For Ronstar*

Quick story.

I was having coffee with my friends BL and Trav. Trav just got back from Yosemite, where he was bummed he didn't bring his beachcruisers for the "fatty trails" that he and his dogs were limited to using. By fatty trails, I mean that they were flat and not anywhere as picturesque and challenging as the ones he wanted to take his dogs on. Alas, dogs are regulated to certain areas of Yosemite like the fatty trails, not because their genes and penchant for cramming ding-dongs in their face two at a time prevent them from wanting to do anything resembling a hike, but because them's the rules for dogs.

My guess is it's because of the bears.

Apparently, Yosemite is experiencing a pretty big bear overpopulation. This year alone there have been, according to T-bone, somewhere around 24 bear deaths caused by vehicles. That's just crazy! Those bears, however, were probably drinking heavily.

Case in point: T-Rex hears some rustling outside the tent, and then a pot and pan banging together...a human letting a bear know "I don't want you here". Well, Trixalot pops outside his tent and bares (sorry) witness to a big furry brown 400 lbs of comedy. He says he snapped a picture, but the blurry ball of brown fuzz isn't going to help, and I didn't need to see it to crack a smile at his description.

T-Money says there should have been some kind of game show music (I'm thinking Price is Right at this point) playing super fast because the bear barrelled from bear cannister to bear cannister, as if under a time crunch, trying to beat the buzzer, swiping at each one to see if he or she could luck out and snag a little snacky-poo before the buzzer sounded! I don't know if I'm telling the story right, and since I can't see your face(s?) as you read this, I will never really know if you got a kick out of that image as much as I did. Maybe it's because when I play the scene out in my head, I picture my buddy*, Papa, in his bear mask acting out the part of the actual bear. Is that wierd?

Matt, are you still paying attention? I need you to put that picture of yourself in the bear suit back up on your blog so that my reader(s?) can really tie this whole thing together.

Anyway, there's your pointless drivel for the week. Resume.