Thursday, April 23, 2009


This is kind of a weird post to write, because it's about something that I wasn't really involved in. Ireland had her first spa experience recently, and she came to visit me and show me her nails afterwards. I didn't know she was going to do this, and I didn't know if it was a special occasion or what, but once I saw these pictures, I realized that any time is special for a Princess like her. Enjoy:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On Cool...

...or more appropriately in my case, on being uncool. Case in point: I haven't posted regularly in quite some time. In fact, when I have made any efforts to post, it's been in the form of making excuses about why I don't post, which is admittedly pathetic. I hate excuses; they are the proverbial assholes of the world, and nobody's excuse smells like a rose. So yes, dear Reader, I have been very un-cool, un-dude, un-becoming of a ninja as of late. Thanks to Anonymike and 'Tricko for calling me out on my last post. Thank you even more for giving me fodder for this one in the form of a classic line from a very classic movie, Shane.

Shane was shown to me first by my father, who incidentally, just turned 55 last week. Happy birthday, Pops. I work with my dad in commercial real estate, and he is so heavily involved in much of my life both as a mentor and a friend, that I sometimes fail to remember to mention him on here...or I get hung up on the trials of working with family, and I don't take time to focus on the amazing man that he has been and is in my life. He came by it naturally, and when he first rented Shane for me to see, he told me the story about when HIS dad took him to see the movie as a child, in some small movie theater that was close to the orange groves that surrounded his home in Tustin, CA. That same home would later be lived in by the daughter of another iconic movie cool man, John Wayne, but to be sure, the Egan's brought the coolness to the digs first! It's endearing to me now to look back on the fact that my dad saw this movie as one way to connect his childhood to his fatherhood, that he wanted to give me a taste of something that he thought was awesome, and that we could share in this, his favorite movie of all time.

The movie is ripe with fatherly tones, and sets the stage in the Old West format that pitted the svelte, blonde haired Alan Ladd against Hollywood's ultimate bad guy of the era, Jack Palance. These guys were the real deal, and elevated the bar for Westerns for years to come. A former boxer, Palance defined toughness through his actions on and off screen; at age 73 he proved it on stage at the Oscars when he did a few one-armed push ups to demonstrate to casting directors that "old guys" still looked good on (and off) screen. I will never forget watching the Oscars with my dad that year and hearing him relive Palance's coolness as we witnessed him do this: . The final showdown between the two leading men in the movie is historic, and will probably never be matched. The lessons to be learned from the movie are several and worthy of a separate post, but since this one is just about coolness, we'll stick to the theme, and say that this movie is.

I'm so grateful to my dad for showing me his coolness over the years, for introducing me to the music that he loved, the films that inspired him, and for consistently demonstrating his personal version of good vs evil that he lives by in the extraordinary ethical way that he conducts his life on a day to day basis. Don't get me wrong, there are days (more often than either of us like to admit) that we just don't get along, and can't seem to agree on anything. There have been times in our lives where we have probably wanted to go blow for blow, and I don't mean verbally. It's not been easy being just like him...we are both stubborn, Irish, and proud. But here we are still working together in this office, during this challenging time in the economy, and in the midst of what I think will prove to be the most difficult time in my least I hope it is. To shed a little more light on the subject, as if both of my regular readers have yet to hear about it, my home life has taken a dramatic turn over the last few months, and in fact, I have not been living there. The rest of the details are really more than I care to get into right now, but it's been a process that has forced me to re-think everything I knew about myself and my life as an adult, father, and ultimately, husband. All the while, I just want to do the right thing, in particular when it comes to my beautiful children. I want to be the same, cool father that my dad has been to me; to demonstrate the best version of myself to them, and to show them the same unconditional love that only the cool know how to dish out.

That's what makes my dad the definition: through all of the bullshit that I put him through, he is forgiving, patient, and his love is unconditional. I feel it every day, and I see it given out to my kids just the same. Even though I know he doesn't read this blog, I want to say that he is the coolest man, on or off screen, that I know. I'm sure that when he's 73, he'll be trying to bust out some one-armed push-ups while at the same time telling me "stop trying to puff out your chest, Popeye". Classic. Cool.