Monday, October 27, 2008

The Freshmaker!

For like two bucks you can entertain 5 kids for approximately 15 seconds (including the count down, of course). Notice the stream shooting out the side...directly at me.

Weapon of choice

A fine way to start off the week. This of this as what I do during the workday.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Don't go to Chicago without a camera

So my trip to Chicago was quite a whirlwind experience, and my neck still kinda hurts from looking straight up at the massive high rise buildings in that city. And I do mean "City", with a capital "Big". I only say it because Old Blue Eyes actually referred to it as his "kind of town", and although the words rang in my head for 3 days, the one that stood out as incorrect was Town. Chicago is massive. As my partner in travel, Kevin Annis so noted, there is about 4 times as much office space in one of their buildings than in the entire Reno market. While it was an impressive fact to absorb, I reminded Kevin that I didn't care, and asked him where the nearest bar was.

While I am kidding, of course (as a matter of fact, we were on a commercial real estate related trip, as chapter representatives for the Northern Nevada CCIM Board, inducting in the new members to our organization), we did manage to find one of the most elevated bars in town in the Signature Room of the John Hancock building. At 96 stories above Lake Michigan and this fine City, a Manhattan never tasted so good. By the way, some of the pictures on this post are actually poached from Megan Annis' blog, (thanks Megan). Incidentally it is a fine blog, and I am going to comment on it immediately after this post.

Anyway, since I forgot my own camera, and my cameraphone takes mediocre shots, I was less than inclined to document the trip properly. It actually makes for this less than motivated post. I will say, however, that I can not stop thinking about, nor will I neglect to discuss for a second, the most wonderful steak and lobster I have ever had. In. My. Life. It was courtesy of CCIM, and our future President Kevin flipped the bill, but I think I would probably put another mortgage on my house to go back and do it even one more time. You hear about how steaks can be cut with a fork, and how lobster melts in your mouth, but you forget when you don't do it for a while, and then WHAMMY! You get hit right in the chophouse with a meal like that and you really start to question life as you know it. It was delicious. Here's the evidence.

Oh, and the wine flowed like wine. Magnificent.

Another non-work-related highlight of the trip was when I learned that an old college buddy not only lives in the windy city, but happens to own two of the best clubs in the area. We took advantage of his hospitality and stayed out past my bedtime on Friday night, knocking back a couple of cocktails. BTW, at 32 I am by far the eldest of the group, which included young D. Woods (a newly inducted and properly congratulated CCIM, I might add) who is a tender 25, and did a much better job at fitting in. Regardless, we had a nice time and were stoked to see how the real big boys do in the city.

Prior to our departure, we made a visit up to the very somber Wrigley Field. Out of respect to the city that treats me so well, I will refrain from making any hurtful and biased comments with regards to my true allegiances, and leave it with: that place is storied and cool, and the Cubby Bear right across the street has one of the bast $10 breakfast buffets in the US.

All in all it was too quick, but gave me a taste of a City I want to visit again as soon as possible. It's my kind of City.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Because it stinks

I was pretty excited about opening day of Chukkar season, and charged out to one of my favorite spots early on Saturday morning to get a jump on those little birds. And, as lucky as I have been in past years (driving up to bunches on the road, limiting out by noon, etc), luck was not my lady this weekend. I have heard from others that there are a lot of birds out there this year. I have heard that several people, even some who hunted in my vicinity, did very well on opening weekend. I was not so fortunate. I saw sign, I saw shells, I saw little tiny tracks in the fresh fallen snow. I saw no chukkar. Didn't even fire my gun. It was pretty shitty, altogether, but I guess that's why they call it getting skunked.

Bodie was happy, as always. Birds or no birds, he just loves climbing up and down the mountains.

And he got such a good workout that by the time we crashed, safe and warm in our home, he even put a sneak on Lola and cozied up in her bed. All together now: Awwwwwwwuh!!??

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So we were looking for a family outing that wouldn't be too hard on the pocketbooks over the weekend, and decided to hit up the new Scheels. I guess I figured that walking through aisle after tempting aisle of awesome sports gear...hundreds of thousands of feet of it, to be less than precise...would be no problem for a man of great will power and depleted funds. Laughing in the face of the self awareness of my Peter Pan issues when it comes to thinking I can still play all sports, as well as my disdain for crowded places and standing in line, I loaded up the family and headed out to Sparks to check it all out.

So did the rest of the Truckee Meadows.

Despite the Disneyland-esque lines just getting into the parking lot, as well as the incredibly under prepared staff of the in-house restaurant (seriously, it took over an hour to get a couple of hot dogs and sodas), Scheels is an amazing sight. There's a Ferris wheel in the middle that the kids will have to go back to ride...we tried waiting in line for it, but after 45 minutes with an apparent hour to go, we threw in the towel. While it was not the happiest place on earth (TM required here?) it most certainly has everything for everyone. There were interactive video game stations where one could hit a hockey puck, pitch a baseball, shoot a basketball, etc against a giant computer screen. There were 3 NASCAR type shells lined up side-by-side while wannabe Dale Juniors' jockeyed it out for bragging rights. There was a shooting gallery (which I loved), and there was an awesome mountainous display of local wildlife such as Bighorn, Chukkar and Brown Bear...and some non-local species like Wolverine, Grey Wolved, Moose and Griz. I think their mountain is actually bigger than Cabela's mountain, which was impressive as well. Someone should measure.
One thing is for sure, they aim to keep you entertained while you shop. I don't know if it was a temporary "opening week" bonus, but there were even a couple of "mime" type dudes, all covered in white, doing the whole "I'm not talking" thing in front of a crowd, and walking throughout the store. In the case of the little kids in this picture (the ones trying to crawl up into their dad's ass out of fear for their lives), and the little kids I had in tow, the mimes were actually counter-productive. I did get a chuckle out of seeing them frighten the young ones, but then again, I'm sick.

The kids really enjoyed seeing the giant aquariums,
climbing around on the indoor jungle gym
and of course dominating the climbing's Sean's newest fave. He's going to be on rocks before I know it, having mastered the brick fireplace wall in my house already.
And even though I was climbing out of my skin with all of the people using up my oxygen, I will go back.
On a weekday.
Probably next year.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


There's an old saying that goes: "You never kick a Gopher because you'll just end up hurting your foot." Well it's actually about my good friend, Pat Ormsby. And despite the fact that this guy is harder than a coffin nail, what makes "Poo Dog" so special is the fact that he is able to contain a 225 pound heart in a 170 pound body.

Growing up in Reno has left me with so many wonderful memories, and I consider myself so fortunate to still have friends from my childhood years at Roy Gomm. The best of those guys are still in my life to this day. Austin, Ligon, Herz...and Ormsby. The best part about hanging out with ANY of these dudes, which is an occasion that happens far too little for me these days, is that they make me feel good about myself. It's not just that the compliments that are freely handed out as if from a fridge full of Guinness at an Irish Poet's the same time both generous and ball busting. It's the fact that they are straight up good people. They care about each other. They care about humanity. They have all come so far in their own lives, made so much of this short time on Earth already. They are strong. Although our paths may have varied over the years, when we get together it seems like we never missed a beat. I would die for them...and they would do the same. Austin will read this and make a Neil Patrick Anus comment, which is why I love him, but he knows this all to be true.

Ormsby is a unique and powerful soul among us all. He really has the biggest heart, and that's why I am proud to call him my friend.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cookin' by the book

Careful with this little ditty. (Extremely not safe for work...or appropriate in general, but hey, that's how I roll, right?)

It's an example of what I would do with my time, were I the one at home with the kids...and more time to spend on the computer remixing the parts of my day to day. Enjoy!