Thursday, July 24, 2008


So I wanted to write a post about the great weekend we had up in Donner Lake a few days ago, but then my sister put one up. She has a better camera than I do, and some stories are better told through pictures, so I suggest clicking on over and checking her out.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Imagine for one minute...

...that you have a 15 year old son. [This isn't hard for me, because I have a son and although he's only 4.5, he means the world to me.]

Now, imagine that your son is an honors student at Galena and he's a good kid and out of nowhere he gets diagnosed with a very rare, life-threatening disorder that affects the bone marrow and its ability to produce red and white blood cells and platelets.
That's what happened to a great guy I work with named George. His son needs help finding a bone marrow doner, and I am hoping that the word gets spread immediately that there is an opportunity to help save a life.

A bone marrow donor drive is taking place on Saturday, July 26th from 10am to 6pm at the Grand Sierra to try to find a marrow donor match. Please help save a life…come and be tested to see if you’re a match for Eric or someone else whose life depends on healthy bone marrow. The testing procedure is painless—a simple swab (like a Q-tip) of your inner cheek. A voluntary $25 testing fee is requested but is not required.
Please spread the word.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Originally uploaded by _rebekka.
I've been at a loss for blog content lately. My life and work have been a little hectic, and I hesitate to post negative stuff as I honestly believe that it turns into a manifstation of things I don't want or need in my life. So I went looking through my flickr contacts for something beautiful. Here's rebekka.

She's a self-taught photographer from Iceland, and a mommy to 2. I chose this picture because it was her most recent, not becuase it was her most beautiful...far from it. Although, to be honest, when you see her photostream you will probably discover that there isn't one single picture therein that is NOT perfect. That's what I think, anyway. Oh yeah, and on top of it all she also knits KILLER sweaters, one of which I wouldn't mind having some day...I'll have to get in line, however, as the cat's outta the bag on this girl.

Anyway, this shot is one that I find fitting for today's post, as it represents something ongoing, timeless and massive to me. And it's easy on the eyes.

Hope you don't mind, rebekka. Thanks.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Post 245, wherein I try to say Thank You.

I've never been a big fan of Leanne, but she does have a way with these particular words.

It's amazing waht a little grace can do to your attitude about life, isn't it?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

If you leave me now...

So it turns out I love my dog more than I realized. Sure, I have been the only one in the house to regularly dish out the affection, but it's consistently tempered by a good amount of "tough love" as well, as I am the designated parent to the Bodie. This logical arrangement dates back to when I brought the young pup home, unannounced, as a surprise addition to our family some 3+ years ago. Every piece of teak patio furniture that he's put his teeth into, and every shrub that he's eaten have only helped to solidify the bond that is our special daddy/doggie relationship, conversely alienating Babymama from any affection she might have actually felt for the furry animal.

Well, over the holiday weekend, I got a glimpse of just how deep the love goes for my boy. Bodie loves to fetch. It's his thing. It's pretty much any lab's thing, actually, and can a get a what what from the lab owners out there that this breed would rather fetch than eat, sleep, hump or even breathe. With approximately 20 people to throw the ball/stick/stuffed goose into the river over the long holiday weekend, Bodie thought he was in Labrador Heaven.

Little did we know how close he actually got. I remember seeing him on Saturday afternoon, moving slowly out of the river with the goose, barely creeping back with enough strength to drop it at the feet of the next willing tosser. I told him "take five,'re done", but he just didn't get the reference, and proceeded to take his game door, as a matter of fact. It was only minutes later that my sister in law came running up to me, frightened, shouting "Brian, one of the dogs is having a seizure, and we can't tell, and you need to come over!"


I hurdled over to the neighbor's deck where a circle of about a dozen people surrounded a foaming, twitching, muscle-seized, leg-proned heap of a dog that looked like a yellow lab. It didn't look like Bodie, but it was him. I told everyone to back up and get away from him, because if he snapped out of it, he might bite the first thing he sees. They moved quick. I then got down on the ground and put my face right up to those clenched teeth and those totally dilated eyes and talked to him. I told him what a good boy he was, used his name a lot, and massaged his body, which was like a crescent moon with his head almost touching his ass. After about 3 minutes of being in some strange zone where it was just me and my dog, he started to snap out of it. I could see his breathing start to regulate. I felt his muscles trying to relax. I could hear the voices of the people around me getting happy...but it was like they were off in some other world, far away. It made me feel good, too. Another couple of minutes and Bodie snapped completely out, frightened, but eager to try and stand up. His legs didn't work so good, and I was still pretty freaked out, so I picked him up and hauled him back to the garage of our house. I laid down with him on the doggie bed and continued to chill him out. And I started crying.

Bodie recovered great, and by the next morning he was trying to play fetch again. Nobody went for it this time. By Monday, we took a little easy jog around the 'hood, and I could tell that he was almost 100%. My Vet says that I handled it well, and that a follow-up with him wouldn't serve a purpose. The lesson that most Lab Owners have to learn one way or another is that their will is mightier than their bodies can allow. I like that about them. I think it's an endearing quality.

So does Babymama. She's acting a little different, too. She's letting Bodie walk through the house in places he wasn't allowed before. She's talking to him like a child. She even bought him a giant rawhide bone last night...that's a first.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Godfather

This is my uncle, Pat.

He recently embarked on a new career, working for the National Parks Service. This shot of him is from the Glacier National Park in Montana, which he claims to be "probably the most beautiful place I've ever been. Amazing . ."

He has a way with words, having spent the majority of his life working for various national newspapers, including many years writing for USA Today. So when he says it's that beautiful, I know that I have to go check it out some day. I can't wait.

Pat is also my godfather, and has been a wonderful influence in my life. I'm proud to be his nephew and have been fortunate to have had someone with such concern for me throughout my life. He is a kind and generous individual, not unlike the hairy gentleman that he bears an uncanny resemblance to, seen here on the billboard outside of my office.

Scary, I know.

In the words of another famous godfather, "Do me this favor. I won't forget it. Ask your friends in the neighborhood about me. They'll tell you I know how to return a favor." Patty-O: I hope that I can someday return all the favors you have done for me...I'm sure when I get to Glacier in Montana, I'll have another one to thank you for!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Omen or decide

I arrived at work this morning to the sight of a White Pigeon in the parking lot, staring at me, watching me park. I found it odd, almost like some kind of omen or something. Google has revealed no definitive explanation for a "White Pigeon" or "White Dove", although the majority of the "Experts" seem to think that it's a positive sign, so I'm leaning in that direction.

At the very least, I'll leave the pellet gun on the rack for the time being.